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Stop the guesswork when it comes to training. We provide the programming to maximize your potential. Join us for classes led by coaches that care.


Who wants to pay for something they are not using? We will support and encourage you in your fitness journey.


Community is the heart and soul of our box. Workouts wouldn’t be the same without high fives and fist bumps from your new friends.


Nutrition is the foundation to health and wellness. You can’t out train a bad diet. Learn how to eat for performance and health with our coaches.


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Great Environment and Facility

“I have been Crossfitting for 8+ years, and I have visited many boxes across the country. Just as others have mentioned, the coaches here do a great job watching and correcting form which is so vital to training, improving, and avoiding injuries. They genuinely want to help you improve. I have really enjoyed the environment, community, and the facilities.”

~ Hanniel Schultz

Solid Community

“Lee and his staff have built more than a CrossFit gym, they have built a solid community around healthy lifestyles. Excellent coaching and programming on proper form/movements for healthy fitness journey.
For anyone looking to start CrossFit, or change CrossFit gyms, I highly recommend checking out”

~ Kranthi Kumar

Superb Programming

“Just moved to the area a few months ago, was looking for a gym, and this one popped up so I decided to give it a try. Having moved a lot for my job, I’ve seen my fair share of gyms and I can say without a doubt that this is my favorite gym. Superb programming/coaching along with an amazing community; it’s like working out with family (but without all the drama). So glad I found this gym!”

~ Luke Barousse