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Rest Day Options

Arms and Core

ARMS & CORE (4X10)

*Diamond Pushups

4 x 8-10 reps

Scoring: Load

Athletes Notes

Focus: Setup in a pushup position on the floor with hands 2-3 inches apart. This movement can also be performed on a racked bar at shin level if positioning is more comfortable for athlete.

Diamond Pushups


4 x 8-10 reps

Weighted if able or STRICT BW

Athletes Notes

Focus: Quality form on pushups and chin-ups. Chin-ups should be done with a supinated (underhand grip). Athletes should use a band across the rig if assistance is needed for quality reps.

*Tricep Static Dips

4 x 8-10 reps

*Strict Weighted or BW depending on ability

*Incline Dumbbell Curls

4 x 8-10 reps (each side)

Incline Dumbbell Curls

*Single Arm DB or EZ Bar Skull Crushers

4 x 8-10 reps(each side)

Single Arm DB Skull Crusher

*Incline or Standing Alternating DB Hammer Curls

4 x 8-10 reps(each side)

Incline Dumbbell Hammer Curl
Two ways to approach this session.

#1 Like a metcon, cycle thru 1 set of each movement = rounds of 8-10. Benefit to this method is in event you run out of time you will have hit each movement.

#2 Completely 4 sets of each movement b4 moving in to the next.


Metcon (Time)

For Time/Quality:

4 Rounds:

10 Overhead Plate Situps

10 Strict Leg Raise

15 Russian twists w/ medball (each side)

60 sec plank hold

20 KB Front Rack Marches (each side)


Strict Leg Raise-

KB FR March-



Active Recovery

30 minute walk/jog/easy row/bike *Conversation Pace

**Mix in some stretching during the 30 min

Work on your Weakness

Pick a weakness and spend 30:00 work technique.

**Nothing heavy, high volume, or speed

Netflix Binge

Take the day off and rest. It’s part of the program.