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Warm-up (No Measure)

2:00 Cardio


Burgener Warm Up Clean

3-5 reps each

Down & Finish

Elbows High & Outside

Muscle Clean

Tall Power Clean 2″, 4″, 6″

Tall Clean

BTN Push Press *Clean Grip

Cossack Sqt

Jumping Back Squat


3-5 reps ea

Dive Bombers

Inch Worms

Knuckle Draggers


Brief/Prep 7:00

1 Push Jerk + 2 Jerks (4×3 + 1+1)

From the rack

1 Push Jerk + 2 Split Jerks x 4 sets

– Move up in weight each set but not to failure

-How to approach the lifts

*Points of Performance

Breath & Brace

Controlled Vertical Dip & Violent Drive (When Push Jerking for heavy load your feet should move from jumping to landing.

Soft knees reset

Belly @ 12:00, feet 11/5 or 1/7, on the ball of back foot w knee bent, front foot over/behind the ankle. FOOTWORK FOOTWORK FOOTWORK

*Record heaviest set of 2:1 as load

The opening set should be ballpark of 55-60% or 5-7 RPE


Example Sets

Set 1:

1 Push Jerk + 2 Split Jerks @185#

Set 2:

1 Push Jerk + 2 Split Jerks @200#

Set 3:

1 Push Jerk + 2 Split Jerks @215#

Set 4:

1 Push Jerk + 2 Split Jerks @230#

Based off a 300# Split Jerk 1RM

Brief/Prep 7:00

Barbell Cycling

Cycling Clean & Jerks (4×10)

4 Sets (1 Set every 3:00)

10 Power Clean and Jerks

Set 1: 115/85 95/65

Set 2: 135/95 115/85

Set 3: 155/105 135/95

Set 4: 185/125 155/105

*Perform all as singles (no touch’n go)

How to Pace: Steady. We want smooth reps that you can work on barbell technique while getting in some volume.

How it should Feel: Muscular Endurance. The reps will add up and you will experience some fatigue but it should be manageable.


Power Clean and Jerks: We are working on building Power Clean and Jerk quick singles volume at ascending weights.

This will feel easy in the first couple rounds and then escalate! Manage the grip fatigue by keeping the grip relaxed each set!

Keep your reps b/t lifts consistent. example Count 1,2,3 then lift. Try Grace style with the lighter weights. Slow down as it gets heavier. No misses.

Rest 3:00

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

EMOMx5 (:30 on :30 off)

KBS 1.5/1


Try to hold on for 1 big set 20-25 seconds then rest.
If you have grips you use for pull ups maybe give these a shot during this sprint. It’s going to get grippy.

Modify Loads up or down as needed.

Maybe go heavier and do Russian to get some exposure to the bigger KB. Or go lighter and pull the KB down for a faster cycle rate.