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Warm-up (No Measure)

6:00 (5-20 reps each)


Russ KB Swings

BB Front Squats

Strict Press

Lung Pass Through

Elbow Punches

Good Mornings


How Chance got his name. Jarret means Strong. Chance means fortune & luck.. Strong Chance unable to ever have kids again


Our Story

“Chemo” (Time)

5 RFT of

400m Run or Rowing or 800m Bike Erg Or 30/21 Cal Assault Bike

3 Power Snatch


9 Squat Cleans

12 S2OH

1. 135/95



Target Time 35-37 minute

Time Cap 40:00

***We all have been impacted in one way or another by Cancer. Do not think about me, think about your family or friend that has gone through this.
This is a very challenging workout feel free to set it tp drop weight as needed. Reduce rnds, loads, make it a team workout. Whatever you need to do.

Run/Row/Bike- try to keep a steady pace where you won’t redline. As you come in the door of off erg take a ew breaths as you approach your bar and go to work.

Power Snatch- Even though it’s only 3 reps you may start off with some TnGo but they will end with quick singles

OHS- Keep that core tight and arms locked out. Try to go UB here but if you do drop , you can squat snatch the rep and count as OHS. SUB DBL DB or KB OH Lunge

Squat Cleans- These are gonna get spicy. Stick with singles here and hold a steady pace. Power Clean + Front Squat allowed.

S2OH- Shoot for 2-3 sets here with negative reps 7/5 or 5/4/3. Push Press, PushJerk, or possibly some splits in last round


4-5 Rnds

200-300m Run/Row

3 Power Snatch (Reduce Load)

5 DB OH Linge

7 Power Clean + FS

9 S2OH