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Warm-up (No Measure)


1:00 Cardio

5-10 Banded Strict Press Red/Blue Band

5-10 Banded OHS Red/Blue Band

5-10 Banded Thrusters Red/Blue Band

5-10 Step Up Step Down

@ 5:00

BB BTN Push Press *Clean Grip

BB Split Jerk **Foot Work


Behind the Neck Push Press (4×2)

**Clean Grip here not snatch grip. Elbows down.

EMOM x 4 sets building in weight each round.

Build to a heavy set of 2.

RPE Chart

Split Jerk (6×1)


1 Split Jerk (Front Rack)

Start at 60%+/- and work up from there to a 7-8/10 RPE

then every 1:30 x3 sets

1 Split Jerk building up tp a 8-9/10 RPE

Post heaviest split jerk as score


Brief Metcon 6:00

Metcon (Time)


10/7 Strict Pull Ups

25 Wallballs 20/14 10/9

35 GS Box Jumps 24/20

Rest :30

Target Time per rnd – 2:30-3:00

Time Cap per rnd 4:00

Modify up or down still hitting target.

Weighted PU/Heavier ball/higher box or the opposite.
Strict Pull Ups – *Remember lat engagement. These can be any grip. Avoid singles here. Goal is 2-3 sets with or without a band. Band shouldn’t allow you to hit 20 reps. Maybe 5-7 before failure.

Wallballs – This is a threshold number you should be able to go UB on. If you must break 2 sets.

Game Style Box Jumps- Mandatory Jump up step down on these. Stay steady . If you have to rest, rest on top of the box.