Sunday Oct 3rd 2:00-3:30 – Olympic Weightlifting clinic covering CLEAN & JERK

Crossfit NWA – CrossFit

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WARM-UP 10:00

Set 1:

30 Jumping Jacks

5 Inch Worms + Push-up

10 Air Squats

5 Single-Arm Ring Rows / Arm

Set 2:

30 Skier Jacks

10 Strict Press (45/35#)

10 Front Squats

10 Jumping Pull-ups or Ring Rows (regular)

Set 3:

30 Mountain Climbers

10 Thrusters (45/35#)

5-10 Pull-ups, Jumping Pull-ups, or Ring Rows

Set 4:


Thrusters (45/35#)) Pull-ups or scaling option

Metcon (Time)

For Time: 50-30-20 Thrusters 65/45# (45/35)


Time Cap 18:00

• 10:00-15:00

• Spend no more than 6:00 on the first set of thrusters and pull-ups.

• Athlete’s should be able to complete larger sets of reps with the movement

options they choose.


• We have to develop a plan of how to attack this workout. Consider breaking each set into more manageable reps. For example, the set of 50 could be broken into 15-10-8-7-5-5 or 20-15-15. The combinations of reps are endless, but we want to prioritize more moving and less resting.

• For the pull-ups today, consider an option that allows you to complete 5-10 reps every time you get on the pull-up bar. If you have pull-ups, but not 5-10 reps at a time, consider reducing the number of overall reps.


*Thrusters | Load, Reps, Front Squats, Push Press

*Pull-ups | Reps, Jumping Pull-ups, Banded Pull-ups (25-15-10)

Accessory Work

3-5 Rnds:

10 ea side Bulgarian Split Squats w or without DB

15 single DB Weighted Sit-ups

15 DB Side Bends / Side

15 DB Floor Press