Bring a Friend- This Saturday June 5th. All classes. Deck of Cards

Crossfit NWA – CrossFit

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Warm-up (No Measure)


1:30 easy

:30 moderate

1:00 easy

:30 moderate/fast

:30 easy

:30 fast

:30 rest

:20 sprint



BB Warm Up and Calf prep

:30 Plate Jumps/Jumpn Jack, Line Jumps

:30 Paddle Feet (Calf Stretch)

:30 Single Unders

:30 Knuckle Draggers

:30 II Unders

:30 Dead hang Pull Up Bar (Stretch) or Use cage to stretch Chest/Biceps

Metcon (Weight)


Odd -5 Clean & Jerk

Even – 35 II Unders *


50 Dubs or Drag or Heavy Rope

*If you’re a ninja w II’s hit 40-50. Do not exceed :30 though
**Murph Recovery Day

*Starting light and building to a moderate-heavy set of 5. You do not have to add weight each round. Add as needed. Does NOT need to be TnGo. Practice resetting hook grip when cycling.

*If you do not have II Unders this is the perfect time to practice them. :30 of attempts.

*(No Single Sub today. If calf Injury sub Ski erg or bike for II’s.

Midline Cash Out


ODD- :45 Max rep Core

Even: 5 Bent Over DB Rows each Side

**Core Options (mix & match)

Plank Hold, Sit Ups, Supermans, Hip Ext, GHDSU, Slam Balls, V Ups, Rower Pike Ups, Plank K2E, BB Roll Outs, Banded or Cable Crunch


DB or Landmine