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Warm-up (No Measure)


1:00 Bike/Run/Row (easy pace)

5 Inchworms

3 Deadlifts (empty bar)

3 Hang Power Snatch

1:00 Run/Row/Bike (increased effort)

3 Power Snatches

5 behind the neck thrusters (empty bar)

10 alternating Empty BB BackRack Box Steps-ups

20 Toe Taps

10 Slamballs or Plate G2OH

Skill Work/Stamina


Odd- Gymnastics Skill Work

Even- Cardio Row/Bike or Work II Unders (Heavy/Drag Rope)


Alternate back and forth working on quality. Avoiding big sets 1-2 attempts per round. Mix Match if desired

Depending on your skill level, choose a movement to work on technique.

Gymnastic Suggestions

1. Get comfortable being Inverted, Handstand Walk, HSPU *Kip / Strict / Deficit, Pike Push Ups Shoulder Taps

2. Pull Ups/MU- Banded Kipping, Banded MU, Kipping, Butterfly

**If you do NOT have min 3 Strict Pul Ups kipping should not an option.


Aerobic Capacity

Assault Bike or Bike Erg

2 Rounds

1:00 Easy Pace Recovery

:30 Moderate Pace

:30 Sprint Pace

1:00 Easy Pace Recovery

:30 Moderate Pace

:30 Sprint Pace

Rest 1:00

Metcon (3 Rounds for reps)


3 Rounds for Max Reps 1:00 at each movement


Power snatches 75/55 65/45

GS Box jumps 24″/20″

Thrusters 75/55 65/45

Chest-to-bar pull-ups

-Rest 1 Minute-

*Using competition bars or controlling to floor.

Target Reps Per Rnd: 80-100

Less than 60 modify as needed.

Just like FGB you can start at any station and stay in order from there. Feel free to get into groups of at 2 and share equipment.

Stimulus for today is moderate pacing with consideration of 1 min time cap on each movement. For all “1 minute” work periods, athletes should be working for 50 seconds and then using the last 5-10 seconds as a transition period before moving to the next movement. Look to work through the entire minute of the last movement. Each round is a cumulative total of reps for score and there are three separate scores.


Burpees: Non-stop movement with a goal pace of 12+ reps each set. Make sure to reach full extensions and touch hands above head at the top of each rep. Breathe steady and try not to go max effort but instead a steady controllable pace.

Power Snatch: Using Competition Bars. Weight selected should allow for 10 reps to be done unbroken, if not more. Focus to utilize the receiving position of the power snatch rather than muscle snatching and creating more fatigue earlier in the workout by not working more efficiently. Relax grip at the top and breathe to keep heart rate at baye.

GS Box Jump: Height should be a comfortable jumping height without hesitation. We encourage people to either hop down and reset or step down from the box to avoid rebounding. Rebounding should be reserved for competition prep and competition when cycle time is important, due to the large forces that are placed on the achilles.

Thrusters: Weight selected for this movement should allow for 7-10 reps to be done unbroken at a time and should be the same weight that’s used for the power snatch. Similar to the power snatch, breathe with each rep (utilizing a small pause when in full extension to take in the next breath).

Chest to Bar: This will be the the hardest of each round . Try and keep quick, small sets around 5-10 reps to help avoid failure. Big hips and powerful kick to help save the arms.