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Metcon (No Measure)

Bike Erg


5min from easy to mod

3 sets: (30sec hard, 30sec easy) w/ 2min easy b/t sets

Main Sets:

3 sets: (15sec max wattage standing sprint on damper 10, 10sec easy on damper 1, 15sec max RPMs seated sprint on damper 1, 20sec easy on damper 1) w/ 3min easy b/t sets.

3 sets: (3x Alternating b/t 20sec standing sprint on damper 10, 10sec seated easy on damper 10) w/ 3min easy b/t sets.

Total: 40min

Metcon (Time)

Partner Workout

Row 2000/1750m

*partner holds 2×100/70# in farmer carry hold

Ski 2000/1750m (OR Run 1600m OR Row 2000/1750m)

*partner holds Handstand

Individual version:

8 rounds

Row 250/225m

1:00 Hold 2×100/70# in farmer hold

-straight into-

8 Rounds

Ski 250/225m (OR Run 200m OR Row 250/225m)

1:00 Handstand Hold
Target Time: sub 16 minutes

Time cap: 19 minutes


This is a longer aerobic piece that is partner style to keep it fun and help you push the pace with one another. We are using holds for each to work on recovering while still holding a position and doing a form of work.