Tuesday August 28th

Save the Dates Sept 8th – luluemon event 8;00am Oct 13th – 10 year Anniversary event Monday Sept 3rd Labor Day – Hours 7am-12 WOD BB/Strength With a 2:00 EMOM style clock Back Squat 10-2-10-2-10-2 10 reps @ 65%+/- 2 reps 88%+/- Conditioning 4 Rounds...

Week 21

Week 21 Olympic Work A. Power clean Work to 7 Heavy Singles, use last cycles Power Clean work as a reference B. 3 Position Snatch, working top to bottom Light to moderate, this is mostly position work C. Push Press 5×5 @ 78% – this is a build off last...

Monday August 27th

WOD Rest Day Active Recovery 5am-6:45am 11-1pm 5pm-6:30pm Use open gym to sharpen the sword. Work on deficiencies. Make weaknesses your strength, or just work on active recovery and mobility.

Saturday August 25

Warm Up Skill- MB Clean Team WOD “Deck of Cards” Hearts – Weighted Box Steps Overs Clubs- Push Ups Diamonds-MB Cleans Spades-KB Deadlift Joker- 200m Team Run Game Dodge Ball City

Sunday Aug 26th

Save the Dates Sept 8th lululemon community event 8am Oct 13th 10 Year Anniversary Party WOD EMOMx20 Odd – 3 Bench Press climbing to 78%+/-  of 1 RM Even- Clean Cluster Climbing to 78%+/-  of 1 RM of your lowest lift Cluster = 1 Power Clean + 1 Hang Squat Clean...