Week 21

Olympic Work
A. Power clean
Work to 7 Heavy Singles, use last cycles Power Clean work as a reference

B. 3 Position Snatch, working top to bottom
Light to moderate, this is mostly position work

C. Push Press
5×5 @ 78% – this is a build off last weeks. If you didn’t do last weeks, do that set first

A. Back Squat
4×2 @ Moderate to Heavy Load. Not looking for a max, just a solid 2 rep.

B. Deadlift
4×9 @ 60%

Each for time:
150 II Unders
1 Mile Run
50 Cal Bike
Rest 2 minutes between each

Within 10 minutes, perform unbroken muscle up sets:
If you fail an unbroken set, start back at 1
Option 2
10 minutes working on linking muscle ups.
Use a box or do negatives. Work transitions on a box.

200m Light row before each movement:
1 Minute of a squat Hold
1 Min on each leg: Entire Hip capsule mobility from lunge.
Entire Iron Scap Protocol