Wednesday May 31st

WODStrength/BBBack Squats 2-2-2OHS1-1-1Conditioning EMOMx10Odd-3-5 MU/Progressions/or 10-15 DipsEven- 10 DB OHS Squats choose load*looking for moderate-heavy here Core 3 rnds not for time10 V Ups10 Sit Ups10 Russian Twist 10/15 plate

Tuesday May 30

WODBB/StrengthEMOMx12 Snatch climbing P/S/SConditioningAMRAPx1215 GS Box jumps, 24/2012 Push Press 115/859 Toes-to-barFXEMOMx12SnatchAMRAPx1215 GS Box Jumps/Step Ups12 Push Press Scale as needed9 TTB/KR/MBSU

Monday May 29th . Honoring the Fallen

Lone Survivor Scene Michael P. Murphy was presented the Medal of Honor, awarded posthumously, during a ceremony at the White House Oct. 22.OPERATION REDWING -On June 28, 2005, three of four SEALS on the ground (Murphy,...