Tuesday Jan 31st

WODStrength/BBFor Load3x1 Cleans3x1 Jerks 3×1 Clean & Jerks *Heavy as possiblePost highest load of ea movement Conditioning 15-12-9 reps of Thrusters 115/85Lateral Burpees

Monday Jan 30th

Box News- Saturday Feb 4th @ 8am Free Nutrition Clinic. Saturday Feb 11th "Cupid's Revenge"WODStrength/BBEMOMx15 Climbing 60%-90%(+/-)Snatch (Power/Squat/Split)Conditioning 3 RFT of 20 Power Snatches 95/6550 II Unders 

Saturday Jan 28th

Today is Bring a Friend day. Have a friend that's interested in trying out CF. Great team workout to get them a taste of what you do every day.WOD2 Person Teams "Deck of Cards"Hearts- BurpeesClubs- GS Box Jumps 24/20Spades- Wallballs Diamonds- KBS 1.5/1...

Tuesday Jan 31

AMRAP in 12 minutes:3 deadlifts3 box jumps up and over6 deadlifts6 box jump up and over9 dead lifts9 box jump up and over12 …

Friday Jan 27

WODStrength/BBOHS5@70%,1@85%,5@70%,1@85%,5@70%,1@85%Conditioning 4 RFT of10 DB Squat Snatches 45/2514 TTB FXOHS or FS5x5 @ 70%4 RFT of 10 DB Power Sn + OHS/Lunge14 TTB/K2E/MB SU