Happy Halloween!! Remember we will be doing our costume contest today. Best dressed, Best dressed couple(does NOT have to be your significant other), and Most Unique. Winners will be announced after the 11am class. Must post pic to CFNWA page to be considered for the running. You do not have to be present to win.  We will also have a “guess how many pumpkins are in the pumpkin” game. Person who comes closest to the correct number wins.  



 Just like deck of cards. Each team will get 2 fun sized bags of skittles (or m&m’s) can not open until after buy in is complete. Each color will represent set amount of reps and specific movement. 

“Skittles” Partner Wod

Buy In:  20- Medball squat clean and toss (Coach will demo in class)


Red- 3 MU’s/ or 6 C2B/ or 9 Pull ups / ring rows

Green- 6 HSPU/ Stink bugs / DB Press

Purple/Brown- 9 Deads 225/155  175/135  135/95 (Scale as needed)

Yellow- 12 Wallballs 20/14

Orange- 15 Box Jumps  24/20

*Each time a color gets double drawn (ex. 2 yellows in a row) each partner must do 5 burpees before starting that movement. 

Once you’ve completed both “Fun size” bags you will finish with a buy out.

Buy Out: 20- medball squat clean and toss