What is CrossFit? – CrossFit is Constantly varied, Functional Movements, executed at High Intensity. I stress the high intensity part. That’s where you will see your results. We do require however that you progress to the intensity stage. You must first understand the mechanics of the movement then be consistent, and only then do we implement intensity.

Some of us get too wrapped up in doing the RX loads or reps just do have that by our name or because we feel we are cutting it short, but in doing so it takes longer than our projected or goal times. That’s when we lose intensity and you don’t get the desired workout.

Challenge- I challenge each of you to check your egos and allow the workout to give you the desired effect (example “Fran” I want sub 7:00. Average times are 5-7 min). Break your reps up into shorts sets ad only rest 3-10 seconds then back to work. It’s OK to scale, but challenge yourself and push yourself to the limit.

Some great blogs on mental toughness…

Back Squats 3×4 at 70%


Power Snatch + Full snatch: 2 sets at 75%, 2 sets at 80%, 2 sets at 84%  (No more than 6 sets)

Cash Out
100 Sit Ups
5:00 on Air Dyne or Rower  Max calories

Competition Athletes Check CFNWA Comp Tab for more info