Friday 121026

Denny 2012 CF Games final WODCome in for some HOA training or just make up a missed wod.Open Gym 10:30 – 1:005:30-7:00

Thursday 121025

Coming in November Heart of America – November 2-4th. CFNWA has 8 teams going to HOA. The competition is Friday Saturday and Sunday. Saturday the 3rd is a rest day. We would love to get as many supporters there as we possibly can. Let’s packed the house with CFNWA...

Wednesday 121024

If anyone is interested in ordering gear from Reebok, click on the sidebar link and save money. Check out these two diff photos of Coach Kirts. Awesome improvement on that finish.Early CFNWA daysToday WODStrengthBack squat 78%3 reps x 10 sets at 78% of 1RM.Front...

Tuesday 121023 Pressing w Westside BarbellWODStrength Bench Press 20:00Work up to a heavy singleConditioningBottom Tabata Squats Post lowest and highest load on BP and number of intervals completed on squats

Monday 121022

This is what the CrossFit NWA community is all about. Not only was everyone in the house screaming and cheering for Jax aka School Boy, check out Coach Kirts on the right…..Great PhotoWODRest Day Open Gym 10:30-1:00CFK 4:30-6:00Open Gym 6:00-7:30