Wednesday 120229

WODRest Day – ClosedCFK – 5:00-6:00Open WOD 12.2 7:00pm – ????Depending on the WOD we will run as many heats through as we can. Be sure to check FB for updates.

Tuesday 120228

WODThree 5:00 minute rounds with 1:00 at each station.Row (calories)SDLHP KB 2/1.5Sledge Hammers 10/8#Box Jumps 24/20T2BRest 1:00Post Total # of reps

Monday 120227

WODStrengthSquat Clean thruster ladderWith a continuous running clock you will start at 135/95 pounds and increase 10 pounds at a time for your first 5 reps for guys and 3 reps for girls. Then increase 5 pounds at a time from then on until you fail. You will have 25...

Sunday 120226

WOD “Griff”For time:Run 800 metersRun 400 meters backwardsRun 800 metersRun 400 meters backwards honor of USAF SSgt Travis L. Griffin, 28, who was killed April 3, 2008 in the...

Saturday 120225

WODCFK 9:00-10:00Open Sectionals WOD 12.1 10:00- until we are finished.Open Gym 2:30 ish – 4:30 ish