Wednesday 111130

WOD Open Gym 10:30-2:30Rest Day  CrossFit Kids 6-10 years – 4:15pm11-15 years – 5:00pm( Check CFK tab for WODs)

Tuesday 111129

Some big numbers and lot of PRs. Great to see..Here we go with the dreaded lunges WOD.WOD400 M Walking LungeFeel free to grab a vest, plate, or some DB to take along for the trip. Post time and number of steps.Pssssst. You think this thing will push itself. This...

Monday 111128

I can’t wait to see some video from today’s team WOD. Broke in the new yolks and knocked off the dust of the prowlers and sleds.. Traveling Circus Productions was in the house getting some footage. Keep your eyes open.WODStrength/SkillSnatch (Power or Squat) During...

Sunday 111127

 WOD2-3 Person Teams25 Wall Climbs 1 Rope Climb50 DB Thrusters 35/252 Rope Climbs 75 Tators3 Rope Climbs 100 Power Snatches 75/554 Rope Climbs**During this wod each team must complete the following:1 Yolk Walk 1 Prowler Push 1 Sled Pull

Saturday 111126

Hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving. Awesome job to everyone that made their way in to honor “Santora” with a pumpkin pie hangover. RIP U.S. Army Sergeant Jason A. Santora.For those thay may have missed it and would like to make it up, here’s your chance. WODRest...