Monday 111031

REMINDER!!!!!!!The 8:30 am class starts tomorrow… WODStrength Choice of Squat (Back, Front, OH or combination of)3-3-3-3-3Conditioning Half of Upside down “Angie”50 Squats50 Sit Ups50 Push Ups 50 Pull Ups HAPPY HALLOWEEN

Sunday 111030

OLYMPIC LIFT CERTIFICATION!!!!!!!! Have you seen this guy?  You will……. Coach Mike Burgener will be at CFNWA for an Oly Cert. Below is an early registration link. Person Team WOD200 M Buddy Carry 30 Front Squats 135/9540...

Saturday 111029

Very good cycle……A much needed rest day is in order.Reminder !!!!!!!!!MOBILITY CLINIC 12:00 – 2:30ishCost is $25.00 . We will have lots of door prizes. Show up and learn how to remain injury free, squat more, and improve your overall performance.

Thursday 111028

WODConditioning Run 800 M 2 Rounds of 15 HSPU 15 C2B Pull UpsRun 400 M 2 Rounds of15 KB Swing 1.5/115 2 fer 1 WallballsRun 800 MDuring this workout you will start with a 800 m run. Come in and complete 2 rounds of the HSPU and C2B Pull ups. After completion of both...

Thursday 111027

Up and Coming!!!!!!Reminder Saturday October 29, 2011 at 12:00- Mobility ClinicMonday October 31, 2011 we will start an 8:30 am classes (weekdays only). Wednesday November 2nd, CrossFit Kids classesAges 6-10 will be at 4:15Ages 11-14 will be at 5:00Check CFK tab for...