Parents I need your help with keeping the kids in the TV room. There has been several instances lately where the little ones have been running around and playing on equipment. Please help me with this.

Just a heads up on the new building. We are about 2 weeks out from moving. The new building will provide a lot more usable space and also connect to the Bentonville Trails Systems. No more dodging traffic……

Last but not least Open Sectionals WOD 11.6 (last one) will be a 2:00 or immediately following the last class. Feel free to stop in and cheer on the athletes. This is the last wod before Regionals, and as it stood at the end of 11.5 CF NWA was 2nd in our region and 19 worldwide.. Lets finish strong……  


2 Person Team WOD
100M Sled Pulls
100M Sandbag Sprints
20 Sandbag Squats
20 Box Jumps 24″